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Like A Shot Through The Heart - by Existence - Native AmericanMore music by Existence

COS 222 CD
Price: 18,- € (Incl. 23%VAT)

A new path into the spirit of the Native American culture

The groove of ethnopop in connection with traditional elements opens up different spaces of worldmusic:
Like A Shot Through The Heart is the second album of EXISTENCE, the new and promising project of worldmusician Margot Reisinger.

The fascinating combination of bass, drums and percussion with atmospheric chants and an amazing variety of traditional and contemporary instruments creates the wide musical range of this album.

Beautiful dreamy melodies reflect the power and charm of nature.

The album:

Like A Shot Through The Heart is a deeply soulful album of EXISTENCE. It is dedicated to a dear friend, who was tragically taken out of life. Many of us have experienced, how the loss of people we love strikes us 'like a shot through the heart'.

In a similar way we develop an understanding for what entire peoples like the Native Americans, Tibetans, Palestineans, Africans and many others have gone through, up to a limit of endurance and sometimes even beyond. The compositions and songs of Existence express the awareness that life is a never ending flow in which hope follows despair like spring follows winter.

Leonard Peltier, the Native American civil rights activist, unable by circumstance to join the recordings in Portugal, contributed to this album some of his poems, he read and recorded himself. All involved in EXISTENCE deeply wish to see him free again, so that this further sad chapter of American injustice will be brought to a close.

The band:

The project EXISTENCE was initiated by the experienced singer and multi instrumentalist Margot Reisinger, who, successfully composes and produces worldmusic, based on a great diversity of cultures.
With intuition and respect for their identity she gathers traditional musicians and artists of the contemporary music scene.

The sound of EXISTENCE takes us on a journey into the depths of our hearts.

Listen !
Existence Means Harmony Like A Shot Through The Heart - Track 01 (entire song)
Like A Shot Through The Heart - Track 01
First Nations' Flute Prayer  
Like A Shot Through The Heart
Sacrificed Like A Shot Through The Heart - Track 04
It Comes From The Heart
Crossing Borders Like A Shot Through The Heart - Track 06
Land Of 1000 Buffalos Like A Shot Through The Heart - Track 07
Indigenous People
Crying For The Good
Desert Lands Of Freedom
Power Of The Great Sky
Running Free
Mukunda, Friend And Brother  
total time: 57:00 min.

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Like A Shot Through The Heart - by Existence - Native American

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