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Planetary Healing by ExistenceMore music by Existence

COS 205 CD - (CD and Bonus download)
Price: 18,- €
(Incl. 23%VAT) 

"Planetary Healing" - an album of cosmic dimension!

The unique "Planetary Suite" is composed and arranged by Margot Reisinger. Eleven planetary sound scapes, inspired by the different energies and emotional qualities of each astrological planet.
The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto
cast their influence on life on Earth by the sublime force of their radiation.

Based on the sounds of Tibetan Planetary Singing Bowls, especially chosen for their
frequency corresponding to the planetary vibrations, Margot Reisinger created a harmonic musical masterpiece.

The sound of the Singing Bowls is complemented by violin, piano, guitar, flutes, percussion and background vocals. Each track passionately reveals a strong symphonic vision of the corresponding planet.

The brilliant performance of special guest Wojciech Cemplik, a master violin player from
Poland, adds to the beauty of this outstanding album. A symphony with classical flair created in the Minho Sound Studios.

Bonus download - Tibetan Planetary Singing Bowls - Pure sound - is a Bonus CD with high quality recordings of the meditative, pure sound of 58 Tibetan Planetary Singing Bowls. More than 75 minutes of soothing sound for deep meditation and relaxation.

A perfect means for Massages, Music Therapy, Sound Healing, Wellness, Reiki- and Healing Treatments, Light- and Energy Work, Aroma Therapy, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, deep Relaxation, Meditation, Religious practice and many others.

The perfect sound quality is guaranteed by Tom Bates (winner of 8 Grammy Awards),
Tom, sound engineer for Costa Verde Production, again shows his great mixing skills
on this complex sound project.

"Planetary Healing" - a musical voyage through the depth of our magnificent solar system.

More Information:

Listen !
CD: Planetary Suite
Sun Planetary Healing - CD 1, Track 1
Earth Planetary Healing - CD 1, Track 4
5 Moon
6 Mars Planetary Healing - CD 1, Track 6
Planetary Healing - CD 1, Track 7
8 Saturn
9 Uranus
10 Neptune Planetary Healing - CD 1, Track 10
11 Pluto Planetary Healing - CD 1, Track 11
Total time: 61:40 min.

Bonus: Tibetan Planetary Singing Bowls Pure Sound
Sun Theme
Mercury Theme Planetary Healing - CD 2, Track 2
Venus Theme
Earth Theme
5 Moon Theme
6 Mars Theme
Jupiter Theme
Planetary Healing - CD 2, Track 7
8 Saturn Theme
9 Uranus Theme
10 Neptune Theme Planetary Healing - CD 2, Track 11
11 Pluto Theme
12 Solar System Planetary Healing - CD 2, Track 12
Total time: 75:43 min.

More music by Existence . . .

Planetary Healing - by Existence / Margot Reisinger - Relaxation, Singing Bowls



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