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CELTIC SPHERE - Music for Inner Balance - by Margot Reisinger - Relaxation, World Music

COS 241 CD
Price: 18,- €
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A whisper from Eternity

Costa Verde Production presents a new album of the "Music For Inner Balance" series.

Inspired by the tales from the Land of Eternal Life - Tír Nan Og, the new album by Margot Reisinger reveals the deep beauty of Europe`s spiritual heritage:
Seven atmospheric and harmonious soundscapes in a Celtic mood let your imagination strive to ancient sites, green lands and mystic dolmen.

Following her musical excursions to Asian and Native American territories, this time Margot unveils the traces of the rich Celtic past. Delicately woven sound patterns and soothing tunes invite you to rest, relax and enter into the mystic Celtic Sphere.

Flutes, bagpipe, piano, banjo, keyboard, percussion and nature sounds are enhanced by Celtic harp, violin and Margot's transparent voice.

Special guests on this album are the accomplished Polish violinist Wojciech Czemplik and the Galician harpist Luis Martínez Pérez, who performs on his original Celtic harp. Pérez regularly participates in Iberian musical events and professionally builds Celtic harps himself.

Wojciech Czemplik and Margot have been friends since their first recording in 1987 - long before Margot developed her projects "Existence", the "Music For Inner Balance" series, and others, as singer, composer and multi instrumentalist.

Wojciech created a style of "singing poetry" music with the band "Stare Dobre Malzenstwo" and has produced more than 20 albums, six gold and one platinum. Very well known in Poland, they also gave concerts in the US, Germany, Spain and the Ukraine.
Since 2005 he is also the art director of the project "Musica Sacro Montana", sponsored by Channel One Radio Poland, the culture ministry and the president of the parliament. On annual festivals the rediscovered barock compositions from the famous Oratory of St. Philipo Neri in Gostyn are performed.
With his extraordinary talent and sensitive virtuosity on the violin, Wojciech accentuates the misterious beauty and deep longing expressed by Margot's compositions.

Tom Bates, renowned sound engineer and music producer (8 Grammy Awards) is again guarantee for the highest level of mixing and sound quality.
Margot and Tom have been working together on many multicultural projects, expressing the same vision in many different musical ways -
the wish for unity, deep peace and understanding for all mankind.

This album corresponds to the highly respected Celtic values of friendship, loyalty, nature and spirituality, revealed in the manifold blessings handed on.
"Celtic Sphere" - a secret path into a world of myth and harmony - relax and enjoy!

Deep peace of the running waves to you,
Deep peace of the flowing air to you,
Deep peace of the smiling stars to you,
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you,
Deep peace of the watching shepherds to you,
Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you.
(Ancient Celtic blessing)

The "Music For Inner Balance" series is very well suited for deepening your experience of
Relaxation, Massage, Meditation, Wellness, Reiki- and Healing Treatments, Light- and Energy Work, Aroma Therapy, Shiatu, Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi and many others.

Listen !
An Ancient Tale Listen to the CELTIC SPHERE
St. Brighid's Well
Celtic Sphere Listen to the CELTIC SPHERE
Tír Nan Og - Land Of Eternal Youth Listen to the CELTIC SPHEREListen to the CELTIC SPHERE
5 Mystery Of Amergin
6 Airlann Pilgrimage Listen to the CELTIC SPHERE
total time: 57:55 min.

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CELTIC SPHERE - Music for Inner Balance - by Margot Reisinger - Relaxation, World Music

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