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INNER REALM - Music for Inner Balance - by Margot Reisinger - Relaxation, World Music

COS 243 CD
Price: 18,- € (Incl. 23%VAT)

A gentle invitation into the present moment

Listen to

Continuous music
to deepen the experience of

healing treatments, massage,
deep relaxation,
reiki- and energy-work.

To facilitate the timing during healing sessions you will hear the sound of a quiet bell every 3 minutes as an integrated part of the compositions.

More Music For
Inner Balance:


Celtic Sphere

Light of Asia

Discover with Margot Reisinger your very own source
of healing and meditation.

Quietly and softly we enter our Inner Realm,
the most sacred space within our being,
letting go entirely, finding comfort, relief, tenderness and unity.

Subtle melodies reveal a beautiful musical diversity, secret encounters with shakuhachi, classic violin, koto, monochord, flutes, subtle voices, guitars, gentle percussion elements, piano and keyboards.

The first part of the album - "Prelude" (track 1 and 2) - touches the heart in the deep remembrance of a divine peace, unity and "home".
In the following "Journey Within" (track 3 - 9), Margot uses meditative experiences and refined musical skill to invite the listener into immediate relaxation and his very own inner realm of awareness. The music opens the gates to inner peace, compassion, emptiness, silent prayer, zen clarity, meditative communion and more.

Wojciech Czemplik 's violin, recorded at Minho Sound Studios, gives this album it's classic touch. His virtuosity and depth of play go straight to the heart.

"Inner Realm" has also been enriched by shakuhachi recordings with James Nyoraku Schlefer. He is one of the very few western Grand Masters in the Japanese spiritual tradition of shakuhachi flute playing.

The famous Kopan monk choir was recorded by sound engineer and music producer Tom Bates (9 Grammy Awards) on location in Nepal. Over the last decades, the monk and nun choirs of Kopan (and Kacho Gakyil) have released many CDs and recordings to support their monastery.

Tom's personal participation on “Inner Realm” is a guarantee of extraordinary sound quality. With over 40 years of mixing experience, he knew to give the music a three-dimensionality, depth and distinctness, that very few sound engineers could accomplish.
He has engineered all albums in the "Music For Inner Balance" series, including:

India - a meditative passage to the holy land of spiritual endeavor

Celtic Sphere - the secret path into an ancient world of myth and harmony

Light of Asia - cultural and spiritual traditions of the Far East shining through a colorful mosaic of meditative melodies.

You can enjoy active listening to Margot Reisinger's visionary compositions,
but they also create a perfect ambience for deep relaxation, massage, wellness & SPA, healing treatments, reiki and all kinds of energy work, aroma therapy, shiatsu, qi gong, yoga, tai chi, sleep, meditation and many others.

Enjoy listening and being in touch with your true "Inner Realm", the source of love and inner peace.

Listen !

Heart of Compassion Part 1 Listen to Inner Realm
Heart of Compassion Part 2 Listen to Inner Realm

The Journey Within:
Devotion Listen to Inner Realm
Mystery Listen to Inner Realm
5 Inner Peace Listen to Inner Realm
6 Zen Clarity Listen to Inner Realm
Listen to the LIGHT OF ASIA
8 Communion Listen to Inner Realm
9 Revelation Listen to the LIGHT OF ASIA
total time: 60:19 min.

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INNER REALM - Music for Inner Balance - by Margot Reisinger - Relaxation, World Music



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